If you’re asking yourself, “How do I get out of debt?” and are looking on this website for information, we firmly believe that you have the RIGHT to know about your resource.

We are based in Greater Victoria (specifically, Sooke) and directly serve (in person) the residents of lower Vancouver Island. We also provide Canada-wide consultation by phone, email and Skype. Contact us by phone 250-999-2836, or use our contact form.

Britt Santowski is the principle owner and CEO of AMatterOfLifeAndDebt. She has:

  • Over five (5) years experience counselling, and have received education and training in this field;
  • A BA, and an MA; and,
  • Passed the Insolvency Counsellors Qualification Exam from CAIRP, the Canadian organization that ultimately oversees the regulation and licensing of trustees in Canada.

Our services revolve primarily around counselling. Depending on what your personal needs are, we can:

  • Educate you on how money works, how debt accumulates, and what is within your control to change it.
  • Accompany you through your debt-restructuring journey, from beginning to end.
  • Assist you with building your debt-restructuring team.
  • Support you through trials and tribulations that you may experience while you are in the debt-restructuring process.
  • Ensure you meet your obligations.
  • Provide you with the right tools to help you manage your budget.
  • Overcome the challenges that got you into financial trouble in the first place.
  • Encourage your own upward growth as you recuperate and rebuild your new life.

Legal Disclaimer

This site is NOT intended to replace legal representation. We aspire to give you comprehensive, full spectrum information, but we are NOT legal experts, legal professionals, or financial advisers. We are people who have experienced the system and who have consequently studied it and become debt counselors; we are setting out to share our experience, so that you can learn from our mistakes and benefit from our experience and knowledge. We want you to know that you are not alone, and we will share what we have, what we know, and what happened in our individual situations. We provide information and good counsel. Damn good counsel.

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