Fees attached to receiving paycheques is just plain wrong

July 17, 2013 by
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Recently in the new was an article about low-waged employees receiving their pay through debt-ladened debit cards.

Just another example of the rich standing on the financial heads of the poor.

Employees get paid by way of credit on these cards, and are then charged with every transaction. The best solution came at the end of the article, where one person figured out the lowest-impacting solution: Take it all out with one transaction, and then put it in a shoebox.

Honest to goodness … where are the governments in all of this? Technically speaking, in a democracy, community representatives are elected to represent their constituents. Instead, we have mouth-pieces (presidents and prime ministers) paid for by lobbyists, and henchmen. How did we ever get to this state?

Perhaps banks should not be allowed to be private industries. They are money printing entities, which is really business that SHOULD be the domain of governments, and in a democratic system, should be run to benefit the citizenry.

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