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Your public is smarter than you think, Scotiabank!

Your public is smarter than you think, Scotiabank!

Not too sure if they intended this, but Scotiabank put out a question on FB that has some pretty revealing comments. Generally, I get the sense that people don’t trust the banks to secure their financial futures. Law of attraction gimmicks appear frequently (lottery tickets, multilevel marketing, hope). And sarcasm runs high.

We are smarter than we think!

Scotiabank asks: What changes are you making today to meet your retirement goals tomorrow?

The public answers (I have removed names, although they are commenting on a public forum):

  1. Nothing
  2. i TOOK MONEY OUT !!!
  3. Stopped eating
  4. Paying down debt (trying to)
  5. Cut my own hair and my husband’s.
  6. WEll! pay yourself first.. as little as $25 or $ grows fast.
  7. Still working… Scotiabank!!!!
  8. You’re a true banker. Love it. You go girl!bb
  9. Saving and sticking to budget.
  10. My kids will take care of me
  11. Not investing at a bank lol
  12. no i dont like scotia
  13. I want to live today
  14. mine does she is wonderful and dutch
  15. Buying real estate
  16. Ya (NO) to a financing planner!
  17. 1. Buy Real Estate…..2. Get a Union Job with a Pension Plan and Max out your voluntary contributions ….3. Max out your Tax Free Savings Acct each year. …..4. Get your wife a good job doing the same thing….. 5. Contribute to an RRSP but stop at $200K but max out your TFSA 1st each year. …6. Pay yourself first each week….worked for me but what do I know ..I’m just a retired old printer.
  18. Tax free savings accounts are very very low interest. Not worth it. Wise investments.
  19. Not listen or give my money to the bank!! Haha
  20. Deposit every cheque into retirement savings.
  21. TFSA not worth it.? its a TFSA….if you are in a 25% + tax bracket it sure is worth it. Put your $5500 in each year then do whatever you like with the money after that.
  22. None
  23. iam going to work tomorrow that is what i know to meet my retirement i have to meet 1000000 thats it
  24. What I’m doing now? Recruiting with Herbalife! Working on my residual income! You can too!
  25. none. im on OSAP and owe u guys for a $500 credit card. times is hard Mr. Todd
  26. Going to vote our that Corporate gifting Harper and get some people policy from the NDP
  27. Think and grow rich
  28. It’s to late, I’m retired already,
  29. save more money!!!
  30. Actually I retired at the age of 54, doing very well because of the way BCRail treated me when I left because of MS.
  31. Work more and have a plan
  32. My goal is living a full life, not retirement.
  33. i have postponed retirement indefinitely as I was recently informed by a medical practitioner that I am officially immortal.Should this not be the case, as these people have been known to be wrong, I am working on a seriously good reincarnation plan. The good part is that it requires no money whatsoever. Contact your local branch for details.
  34. I wold encourage all my working FB friends to take this question seriously. It is never too early to start prepping for a lifestyle in retirement instead of just planning for survival. By the way, since we are living much longer i n retirement than ever before, unless you are filthy rich, plan on doing “something” in retirement that does not feel like a “job” but brings in the extra money you need to live the lifestyle you would choose. It ain’t necessarily easy but it is worth it!
  35. Buying a lottery ticket.xxxooo
  36. Stay Home more…up my monthly contribution….look for more career oriented jobs……less Procrastination!!
  37. Saving? My retirement goals are hinging upon finding a suitcase full of money in a taxi.
  38. Start by knowing your FIN#
  39. gonna marry a politician! secure lol
  40. When I feel like buying something that isn’t a necessity, I put that amount of money into my savings.
  41. When you are Disabled there’s only one choice,survival !!!
  42. if you live in Canada, there are ways to get government money if you are disabled. The sad part is unless you are part of the system, you are not told about the different programs that available.
  43. isn’t this the bank that tells us all, that we’re “richer than we think”? Why worry about retirement if we’re richer than we think…? Lol
  44. Save more
  45. RRSP
  46. Does this mean you work at Scotiabank now?
  47. Getting my money out of the banking system and away from the ponzi stock market
  48. Why ? Do they give you the best return ?
  49. Protesting the government so our ecosystem and biodiversity is not completely ruined and there is a world for me to retire into…..
  50. writing wills will be in the near future.
  51. I`m a boomer and in Canada ..this is the best of times :>)
  52. Still working at 61 …
  53. Meeting with my financial adviser for great directions!
  54. Switching to eating beans and rice five days of the week instead of four.
  55. Visiting my favourite financial planner
  56. Now if only they could fix their online technical problems
  57. bought a 6/49 ticket
  58. bwah hahahaha retirement! I’m on the “Freedom 85” plan, myself.
  59. Emm,Emmm… Scotia Bank??? REALLY?
  60. Please take these ads off Facebook or at least give us a delete key.
  61. Please take these ads off or give us a delete key.
  62. Fire Harper !
  63. have my brother dave hendsbee support me
  64. Switching to RBC
  65. Please.
  66. At the rate i am going scotiabank says i can retire at age 138 but i really need to save more or i can retire till im 200
  67. Not investing in banks that invest in big Oil
  68. Sizeup which shopping cart is the biggest to go around collecting friggin pop bottles!!
  69. LOL…. Moving to another country… $600 per month after a lifetime of work, thanks Canada!!! But any immigrant gets 1200 per month plus subsidies to “adapt”, their idea of adaptation is changing our entire society to suit them. Go shovel your security crap to a third world country that doesnt know better!
  70. Switch to bmo
  71. After 31 years of being gouged by Scotiabank I will change banks to meet my retirement goals!
  72. I think I have convinced my husband (after 4 years) that we need to rid ourselves of the ridiculously expensive television/satellite/Internet and phone bundle we have. He fought me the whole time up until last night when he opened the newest bill with higher fees.
  73. Ensuring that my card board box is corrugated as that is all I will be able to afford after the big banks screwed over the working class.
  74. I’d be able to get rid of the phone.. But need tv for hockey and NASCAR and Internet for work.. And anyone consider looking into the sun life financial retirement plan that I’ve seen on tv.. How does that work?
  75. I’m changing BANK HA! HA! HA!
  76. None
  77. Switch to rbc!
  78. Freedom 55 for me! Yaya
  79. Yes
  80. lol lol how about we charge them services charges for calling us at home trying to sell somethign because we are loyal customers lol lol
  81. Firstly move you accounts to a credit union so you can receive a share of the profits. Then you can invest your profits into RRSP. It’s a start
  82. move from banks!! I did !
  83. Talk to me…Start investing now with good rates of return… avoid those 1-2% GIC’s. I help people. Jennifer
  84. not a goddam thing,
  85. Kids
  86. Go to RBC. They have better bank machines.
  87. Getting a job lol. and cramming it all into my piggy bank (a Tax Free, RRSP, and reading up on how to make smart ventures), Then retiring off to Costa Rica, or Thailand, after the kids get their seed…
  88. No more cable tv, it’s a waste of money, enjoying the simple things in life which will better prepare our family for retirement. Oh and increasing my RSPs to make sure we have enough for later!
  89. Invest in stocks of banks and insurance companies. They are about the only publicly traded companies that are consistently making huge profits. Oh…and if hockey players ever go public I’ll be putting my money there too
  90. Low SK IF YOUR WIFE’S dad would have done that you would not have to worry about someone dating your daughter
  91. Move to the Credit Union. Less fees, I get money back every year from my shares.
  92. with our pension just remember to pay off all your debt and your life should not change……Enjoy retirement!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. You’re richer than you think !
  94. Getting a job here, then moving to South America when I retire. Life will be heavenly & visit Canada & family 2 x year:) stay healthy.
  95. I keep nuying the lottery tickets. Its my only chance…
  96. I’m with you Stephen, how do you save when you have no disposable income? Too bad these bureaucrats don’t get it. We have seniors going to food banks and yet they throw billions of dollars in charity to foreign countries.
  97. This the worse bank Ever government should shut them down
  98. Going in to a business will continue the income to support a good life style!
  99. not giving my money to banks, or Gouv. pay less tax by working my home business and getting more precious metals in my portfolio
  100. Buy real estate that returns cash flow. Writing an offer today on a duplex
  101. I’m already retired.
  102. Looking to start a career in investment banking
  103. drinking one less beer lol . thats a lot of money at the of it .
  104. I eat a little piece of dog food each day. By the time I retire I’ll be used to the taste.
  105. Eating more no name tuna lol
  106. Stop Eating & Drinking All Together!!!
  107. Tomorrow has come and gone.
  108. stop looking for work?
  109. Hoping to die before then so I won’t be forced to live in abject poverty.
  110. I do not want to see advertising on the net
  111. I agree – no advertising please.
  112. quit eating
  113. Enjoy life one day at a time. Tomorrow has never been promised to anyone. Today has more than enough problems to deal with. strive to be happy everyday.
  114. i use to live there lol

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