How To Qualify For A Mortgage After Going Bankrupt

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Bankruptcy is often perceived as the “nuclear winter” of debt relief options. Declaring yourself bankrupt basically says that you can no longer handle your debt. Naturally, lenders can be wary of lending to someone who has declared bankruptcy. But, it’s often possible to rebuild your credit so you can qualify for a mortgage again. Read more

Bankruptcy and the big question: Other debt-relief options

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Though it is true that bankruptcy provides you with that fresh start, you should consider the other debt relief options before filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help you discharge almost all of your debts but at the same time it hurts your credit too. As a result, it becomes hard for you to get any form of new credit after the discharge of bankruptcy. So, it would be best for you to consider how to become debt free without you having to file bankruptcy. Read more

More on understanding how debt works in Canada

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Vancouver Island’s own Bill Abram talks about how the private Canadian banking system is enslaving the public through debt and interest on that debt to our government who has the right to create it’s own money through the Bank of Canada. Understanding how money works is the first step to alleviating guilt when it comes to finding debt-relief solutions.

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Understanding how money works

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There really are two kinds of money. There is the concrete actual hard-coin-in-hand money that has been acquired when an individual trades their time and sweat for a paycheque; then, there is the abstract ethereal cash-as-concept money that is ideologically held by banks, investors and governments, those who “invent” money. Read more