When a 12-year old understands banks, debt and taxes, perhaps there’s hope for the rest of us

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This is my daughter. She gave this speech at a businees meeting in front of 600 people. Her eyes have been opened to a scam that is being perpetrated upon Canadians and the rest of the world. I am the owner of this video. Feel free to use it freely without altering the content in a manner that would draw conclusions unintended by the speech. Read more

How To Qualify For A Mortgage After Going Bankrupt

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Bankruptcy is often perceived as the “nuclear winter” of debt relief options. Declaring yourself bankrupt basically says that you can no longer handle your debt. Naturally, lenders can be wary of lending to someone who has declared bankruptcy. But, it’s often possible to rebuild your credit so you can qualify for a mortgage again. Read more

The truth about unsecured debt

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There are (technically) two types of loans you can make. Understanding the difference is quite important if you want to achieve relief from debt. One is “secured”, meaning that you’ve put up a major asset (like your house) as a security against the loan. This means that if you default on that debt, the creditor can then cash in against that security.

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How NOT to resolve financial hardship

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Here are six ways that you generally should not consider as a means to resolving your debt issues. Read more