Here’s what people are saying about the free seminar:

I strongly recommend Britt Santowski’s Dealing with Debt seminar for anyone who has questions about exploring this vitally important subject. – Peter S

The presentation was very informative and gave context to numerous strategies gaining freedom from debt. – D.E.

Very seriously researched the options and provides an objective presentation.

A succinct and holistic approach to the basic options available to the financially struggling individual. – J.P.G.

Gave me a sense of what my options are and showed me that debt and shame are linked, but don’t need to be. I.M.G.

Longer testimonial

Peter also left a longer testimonial on the actual event’s page. I’m copying it here so that it’s in one location.

Dear Britt,

Just a short note of appreciation for your excellent presentation Friday evening at Oak Bay Library. I have since taken some time to peruse your website, and I am astounded at the number of wonderful resources you have made available.

As I mentioned after our session, I fully support your vitally important work. I will keep my eyes and ears open for the availability of low cost meeting places. If I discover such a venue, I will be sure to contact you.

But enough for now. Thank you for sharing your financial wisdom born of such excruciatingly painful personal experience, Britt!

Best regards,


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