The 99% Movement will fail if the other 98% don’t wake up

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Dear protesters,

If you treat the world-unifying demonstrations that you achieved on October 15th 2011 as the pinnacle of your success, the movement will fail.

What you achieved on October 15th 2011 is incredible. You achieved world-wide recognition that people are catching on to the banking scam. You achieved world-wide ratification that there is a need for your movement.

But if you treat this as a victory, you will fail.

In Victoria BC (Canada), they (being the media) estimated 1,000 people showed up. Personally, I think the numbers were higher. I was there. I know what a group of 100 people looks like. And there were more than ten such groups. By my naked eye, I would easily say that it was three times that number. Maybe four.

But it really that doesn’t matter. That’s a useless little diversion.

The population of Greater Victoria, which includes all the municipalities from Sidney to Sooke, is about 330,000. I undertook the 50 minute car-trek from Sooke, which is on the outer-edge of the community.

If we accept the media’s numbers, that means about 0.03% of the population woke up. If we accept my naked-eye witness account, we were 1%.

What this means is that the other 98% (or 98.07%) of us (ie, not bankers), are still sleeping.

Sure, we can pit our 1% against the other 1% and claim that we are equal in number.

But you know that that is not the case. You are leading a revolutionary movement. You are smarter than that. Their 1% runs the economy and the governments. Their 1% has written the laws. Their 1% prints the money. Their 1% holds all the power.

Our 1% has an opinion. It’s honest and it’s true. But that’s what it can currently be written down as. An opinion.

When I went to the demonstrations, I was shocked to see other people carrying on with their normal day-to-day details of living. Tourists, shoppers, moms walking their kids, locals doing whatever it is that locals do on a sunny Saturday in mid-October. In my mind, there wasnothing more important that those demonstrations.

I personally am in despair over the state of things. I have a daughter to whom I hope to leave a life, not a state of slavery. And you and I, and the 1% on our side of the argument, know that if status quo continues, there will be nothing left for our kids. We know this because we have woken up and we have become painfully aware that there is nothing left for us. And without intervention, it will not get better.

Yes, I was shocked that my sense of urgency was not shared by many.

Yet at the demonstrations, I was again uplifted. People were getting it. People did understand the validity behind Henry Ford’s quote,

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

On October 15th, 2011, the day of your big success, only 1% of the people showed up. The other 98% stayed at home.

It is not their fault. It is their nature. Our human nature. I think that what humans want most in the world is to be left alone in peace, with enough food, safety and love to sustain us through to the end. To our individual ends.

What you and I have found to be true, the facts that have woken us up, is incredibly disturbing. Banks invent money and governments world-wide tax it. Even though each of us in the free world have the work and blood and sweat of past generations propping us up, the banks still own most of the houses on our streets. Most people don’t ask to think why that is. Most peopledon’t want to ask why that is. Most people intuitively know that the answer will induce despair. The same despair that made me show up. The same despair that made you lead the charge.

No, October 15th was not Victoria Day. October 15th was ratification day.

On October 15th you received world-unifying approval of your cause. Yours and mine. The opinionated cause of our 1%.

Now is not the time to pitch tents and demand that Wall Street changes its ways. If you choose to do that, you will become demonized. You will be turned into radical, paranoid conspiracy-theorists without a following. You will be turned into an image of free-loaders looking for hand-outs.

And you and I both know you are more than that.

You are leading the 1% who dared to wake up.

That’s huge. Without you, there will be no change. Without you, there will be no freedom.

Which is why what I have to say next is so incredibly important:

Your job now is to enlist the 1% to education, to wake up the sleeping masses. If we can wake up just a quarter of the population, we have enough to change the world. Maybe even 15%. Or 10%. But 1% will not be the force that brings about the change. Our 1% will be the force thateducates the masses that will bring about the change.

To do this, you need to accept the fundamental concept behind successful marketing: It mustnot become a conversation about your product; instead, it must become a conversation, an education, about your listener’s core-life problem. About why children will never own their home even though the parents themselves are aspiring to own their own. About why the snake-oil salesmen sold them a fraudulent mortgage. About why they got laid off. About why secondary education is becoming increasing futile. About how the public education system is designed to churn out employees not entrepreneurs. About why they can only find part-time work. About why the economy of jobs was farmed out to third-world countries. About why the Jones can afford an SUV and they, while aspiring to live within their means, take the bus. About why bankruptcy is a viable option.

Explaining concepts like fractional-reserve, bailouts, housing bubble, sub-prime mortgages, collateralized debt obligations, Glass-Steagall Act, predatory lending, and shadow banking will not wake them up; it will deepen their sleep. And the mere kiss from a Prince Charming will no longer suffice, as Prince Charming belongs to the enemy camp, the other 1%. Prince Obama came close, but now he too is a puppet for the bankers.

No. It needs to be a direct infusion of personal meaning.

We are an attention-deficit people. We just want to be left alone to live our lives out comfortably. But you and I know that status quo is not an option. We both know there is no comfort in slavery. But 98% of us don’t get it. Don’t want to get it. It’s hard to get that you are a slave when you can’t even see your master. And we have to make them see.

Our work here is just beginning. On October 15th, we received world-wide ratification. Now is not the time to stamp our feet like angry little children and yell at our very VERY abusive parents that This Will Not Do.

No, now is the time to educate our siblings and the other kids on the block, to gently nudge them awake. And we can do this easily by talking about them and their problems.

We must become like the Conficker (aka Downadup) computer virus. A botnet. Invisible. Infective. Incurable. We need to work by educating each individual host, each and every person. Talking to and with them, not at them.

Remember, the offending 1% has all the money in the world, the governments, and the law on their side. This newly-awakened 1% has only knowledge and truth. Without the other 98%, knowledge and truth will become distorted into conspiracy-theorists.

We can’t afford to let this happen.

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