When a 12-year old understands banks, debt and taxes, perhaps there’s hope for the rest of us

April 8, 2012 by
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From the Youtube page:

This is my daughter. She gave this speech at a businees meeting in front of 600 people. Her eyes have been opened to a scam that is being perpetrated upon Canadians and the rest of the world. I am the owner of this video. Feel free to use it freely without altering the content in a manner that would draw conclusions unintended by the speech.

Very well done! What an amazing girl. That’s the thing about money: The conversation becomes so convoluted with invented terminology that we “dumb it up” meaning make it so difficult to understand that no one really bothers. What this girl did was “smartly simplify it down.” Just to add one very important point with the collusion between banks and government is that governments tax not items & services but the movement of invented (aka pretend) money. And we are obliged to pay interest and taxes with sweat and labour on money that doesn’t even exist in the first place. Mind boggling if you really sit down and think about this!

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